“First who, then what” is an organizational ethos for Sixmo. Our focus is on collaboration and our offices are set up to allow our staff to learn and grow from and with one another. We are a team of agile and productive employees who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to celebrate wins both small and large and enjoy working in an environment that allows us to communicate freely with our co-workers. Our culture encourages growth and advancement based on skill and performance, and we’re always looking for new leaders to join our team.

As a part of our culture, we take pride in our employees who spend their free time working or volunteering for the causes they believe in. It is their belief and their actions that promote a unified mindset of: To whom much is given, much is expected. We are grateful to the communities that our business has become a part of and promise to forever strive to be leaders worthy of admiration.

We also value time spent together as a team and provide the opportunity for our employees to meet monthly at happy hours, skill building events, work-day lunches, and more. This  provides space for us to engage, be ourselves, and build meaningful connections beyond the workplace.